NEW Roto Molded Flat Screen TV Shipping Cases for 32" to 75" Screens

Designed and manufactured based on our many years of experience in building cases to protect valuable flat screen TVs in shipping. Fibre Case now offers a new line of rugged roto molded flat screen shipping cases.

  • Will fit most flat screen TVs/monitors from 32" to 75".
  • Available in single or double screen versions.
  • Self-adjustable case interior (adjust length and height) for different size monitors; no need for multiple cases.
  • Available in gray or custom colors.
  • Designed to be stackable with forklift entry.
  • Padlock capable for locking.
  • Water resistant.
  • 45% lighter and more durable than wood.
  • Recessed wheels with heavy duty bumpers and forklift entry points to avoid the most common cause of damage - forklift stabbing wheels.
  • Lighter and easier to move and navigate.
  • Lower freight cost due to lighter weight.
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